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Anthropological studies and psychological research have shown that the existence of inclusive societies where socially aware people can peacefully co-exist through respect to diversity and inclusion, can take place only through mutual understanding and recognition of diversity. There is a great need for young people to feel trust towards one another, becoming persons who can offer to the society they live in.

Several scholars provided guidelines on how art-based experience offers to young people the possibility to articulate delicate meanings leading to awareness of issues not easily comprehended through rational argumentation.

This project aimed to provide youth trainers in art and humanities with alternative art-based methods which help young people to work with the feelings arising through the learning context.

More specifically, a structured improvisation and experience-based movement methodology was developed, reflecting emotions and feelings inspired by philosophical and literary texts which raise social awareness and promote respect for inclusion and diversity. Through this movement methodology, the social and humanistic concepts of these texts were promoted, strengthening the ability of the young learners to conceptualize them.